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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Have you ever made a New Years’ resolution just to ruin it a few hours later? We have all experienced moments in our lives where we have created fitness goals without the use of a personal trainer. For example, you may have wanted to lose a certain amount of pounds by a planned date or be able to run a certain distance in a set amount of time. Maybe even bench press a new personal record. But how often do we follow through with these plans? If you are like the average person, you probably set high expectations only to find the execution more daunting. Here’s where personal training with Santa Clarita’s best MMA personal trainer, Jeff Martin, will come in handy. Not only to keep you motivated but to keep you honest and on par with your goals.


A good personal trainer is not just somebody that understands different training programs, or how your muscles work. A good trainer is somebody that can push you, both mentally and physically through your workouts. In other words, if your trainer is simply putting together a generic workout to have you go through the motions, then you might want to consider a different trainer as there are many capable, motivated trainers out there.


The reason why we often find ourselves coming up short on our goals (like the infamous New Year’s Resolution) is that we ourselves are often the only source of accountability. While this may work for some people, most find it difficult to push themselves to an extraordinary level without a trainer or a mentor to keep them on track. Personal trainers can be especially beneficial for those in combat sports like MMA or Jiu-Jitsu, where you’re up against another opponent. Winning comes down to who has been more disciplined in their daily workout regimen.

Personalized Plan

When it comes to your training program, the one-size-fits-all narrative is discouraged as everybody has different goals. If your goal is weight loss, your trainer should be able to set you up with a more cardio dominant workout routine, or high-intensity interval training. Find a trainer that can sit down with you, review your goals, and create a personalized path to achieving those goals.

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