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How to Handle Fear

Fear is an inevitable aspect of our lives; whether it is a new endeavour or meeting new people. Fear can seize at any time and can be crippling. Hence, recognizing fear and learning how to handle it is imperative for a successful and healthy life.

Handling fear makes use of an all-encompassing approach wherein physical, mental, and emotional dimensions are taken into account. Handling fear of the unknown may seem complex at first but it's a straightforward process. The key is to focus on your existing skill sets and resources instead of worrying about the uncontrollable situation. For example, if you have an important presentation tomorrow but you are worried about failing or stumbling, then instead of spending your energy on worrying, you must focus on perfecting your presentation skills. This way you gain mastery over aspects of your life which gradually defeats your fear of the unknown.

To take control of your fear of failure, the essential point is to accept that in life you may experience success as well as failure. However, to achieve the goals you have to keep going forward and take on new challenges for success. With a mindset that even if you put in all your hard work you may fail, detach yourself from the fear. Hence, failure becomes a wonderful lesson rather than a catastrophe. This is important because you cannot dodge mistakes or failures in life; the only thing you have control over is your mind and emotions. So looking at every stage of your life as a new lesson and experience will fill you with a sense of optimism and lightness that will diminish the fear from you.

By engaging in such a mindset, you will notice that soon there is no room for failure. Some practical steps you can take initially are:

- Saying yes to new experiences

- Speaking your mind out

- Pursuing activities that you enjoy

Hence, this is your mini-guide into handling fear and using your mental and emotional energy for a healthy life.

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