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How to Lose Weight Fast

Are you looking to shed some fat? Perhaps you’ve recently started researching diets and want to slim down? Or maybe you’ve had this goal for a while, and you’ve finally decided to take action.

Regardless of your reasons, one thing is clear:

You’re dedicated and committed to making it happen. Only there is a problem. You don’t know how to go about it. There are so many contradicting opinions and ideas that finding out what’s useful can feel near impossible.

To help you shed weight fast, we’ve put together a list of five effective tactics you should use. But first:

It All Comes Down to One Thing…

While many people love to sensationalize fancy diets, training plans, and supplements, real weight loss stems from something else.

You see, for your body to start burning fat for energy and result in weight loss, you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. Yes, it’s the old ‘calories in versus calories out’ equation.

By placing yourself in an energy deficit, your body has no choice but to start burning fat to get the remaining calories it needs.

With that said, there are different things we can do to establish a calorie deficit more easily and feel its impact on our hunger and energy levels less. Let’s take a look at them:

Five Tactics For Quick and Effective Weight Loss

1. Consume Balanced Meals

Your body is a complex biological system that needs a wide range of nutrients to function well. Diets that restrict certain food groups are not good for our health because they deprive the body of fuel, building blocks, and essential nutrients.

Regardless of your short and long-term goals, always make it a point to consume balanced meals. This means having some fat (for instance, eggs or avocado), protein (for example, meat or fish), and carbs (for example, rice, pasta, quinoa, or similar).

In doing so, you will provide your body with much-needed nutrients, and you will feel fuller and more satisfied with your nutrition.

2. Fiber, Fiber, Fiber

Besides making sure to eat plenty of good carbs, proteins, and heart-healthy fats, you should also aim to eat many fibrous foods. Your two best options are fruits and veggies.

The great thing is that you can pick from various foods, so even if you don’t enjoy certain foods, you can always find ones you like.

A good rule of thumb is to include a serving of veggies and fruits with each of your meals. For instance, a handful of simple green salad with your meals and fruit like apples, pears, or oranges.

Adding fibrous foods to your meals will help keep you full and prevent you from overeating. Fiber is also vital for your digestive health and helps keep you regular in the bathroom.

As an added benefit, you will also get to consume plenty of essential vitamins and minerals with these foods, which is another huge win.

3. Stay Hydrated

Good hydration is another vital element of successful weight loss. First, hydration helps you feel good and have fantastic workouts, resulting in a superior caloric burn. Second, water fills up your stomach and prevents you from feeling hungry all the time.

Research even shows that when people drink some water shortly before meals, they tend to consume fewer calories before feeling satiated. This is a great way to control your calorie intake better and start losing some weight.

4. Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a diet but an eating pattern. Instead of telling you what to eat, it offers guidelines for when to eat and fast.

It is by no means a magic bullet for weight loss. But by fitting your daily meals inside a shorter eating window, you get to have fewer but larger and more satiating meals. As a result, you might find it easier to stick with a calorie-restricted diet and lose weight.

A common way to do it is to skip eating in the morning, have your first meal around 1 pm and your last one around 9 pm. This is the popular 16:8 fasting protocol.

5. Try Different Training Styles

Changing up your training can be a fantastic way to lose weight fast. Most notably, it helps keep things fresh and exciting, so you feel more motivated to stay active.

Plus, each training style offers its unique benefits, and each can help you become a more health conscious individual in some capacity.

Fantastic examples include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), long-distance running, and weight training.

What to Do Next

If you’re interested in guidance for creating a healthy and active lifestyle, head over to Dream Martial Arts and Fitness in Santa Clarita. Call Coach Jeff @661-300-3300.

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