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The Best Traits to Succeed In Training

Have you ever wondered what it takes to succeed with your martial arts training? Sure, determination and consistency are essential. But these can be a bit vague at times. For example, how do you quantify determination?

The truth is, success is never guaranteed but possessing and displaying certain traits drastically increases your chances. Without further ado, let’s see what they are:

1. Patience

No matter how gifted you are, how easily new skills come to you, and how hard you work, patience is the most crucial skill you need to develop.

Becoming a true martial arts master takes many years of hard work, consistency, learning from mistakes, re-building your technique, and getting humbled. Patience is precisely what allows you to overcome the obstacles and keep working hard, no matter how difficult it might seem at times.

2. Learning From Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes. From the moment you enter a martial arts studio, you get on a long road paved with mistakes and failures. Boy, that sounds a bit depressing. And yet, it’s true.

But do you know what? The people who achieve the highest levels of success internalize that mistakes are part of the process and learn to take advantage of them. Mistakes often carry more significant lessons than people imagine and can often get us to the next level.

In contrast, you can always go down the obvious path. You can feel sorry for yourself and conclude that martial arts aren’t for you simply because you’ve made a few mistakes in a row.

3. Being a Hard Worker

Yes, yes. Being a hard worker is obvious, and many people see themselves as such. The problem is, we often find ourselves gaining some speed and letting our foot off the gas pedal. Before we know it, we are cruising comfortably, taking advantage of the momentum we’ve built before and not making any progress.

Being a hard worker is about consistently showing up, being conscious of our tendency to take it easy, and actively working against that. It’s about pushing ourselves and striving to learn and improve, even in the smallest of ways.


Martial arts training is incredibly rewarding, but it can also feel confusing and frustrating at times. Knowing how to take advantage of your strengths and learn to control your weaknesses is vital.

If you’re looking for solid coaching, guidance, and support, come down to Dream Martial Arts and Fitness in Santa Clarita. We offer various classes for people of all ages and teach you the fundamental skills you need for tournament success and effective self-defense.


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