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Single Day Pass

Day Pass holders may attend as many classes as they desire for one day. Perfect for those who want to try out the gym for the first time.



Private Lesson

Take your game to the next level.

1 hour long private lesson with professional fighter coach Jeff Martin.



Level 1
Monthly Price
1 day a week,
or 4 days per month


Purchase of the level 1  pass holder gets 4 days for the purchased month. Short on time but still intend to train? This is the perfect solution.



10 Private Lessons

Save on Private lessons by purchasing a package of 10.      



Level 2
Monthly Price
2 days per week, or 8 day passes per a month

Purchase of the the level 2 pass allows you to train 8 days in the purchased month, . Skills are developed through repetition



Level 3
Monthly Price
Unlimited classes (Best Value)


Purchase of level 3 pass allows you to take as many available classes of the purchased month. Become well rounded with our unlimited classes and push yourself to the limit.

$ 199

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