Jiu-Jitsu Near Me

Look around and you’ll see jiu-jitsu gyms popping up on every corner. As a result, it is difficult to tell whether you are choosing the right dojo for you, especially with long commitments. These are some basics to consider before signing a contract.

The Cleanliness of the Gym

First, cleanliness is the most important factor in choosing the right dojo. For instance, no one wants ring worm or even worse, staph infection. The gym floor should be cleaned with disinfectant daily and after vigorous training. Losing training partners to skin diseases is a huge red flag.

Your Time is Valuable.

Second, your time is valuable. Classes should be available at the times you need. You may have a busy schedule or family waiting at home, class should begin and finish on time. Lessons learned on the mat translate to every day life and dojos should set the example of punctuality.

Can You Train Jiu Jitsu Alone?

Third, you can’t train jiu jitsu alone. You will need a variety of training partners.

PEOPLE COME IN DIFFERENT SIZES IN THE REAL WORLD. You should never say, “wait, we are not in the same weight class.” After that, if all of your training partners are too large or too small for you, you may want to consider another dojo.

How Should You Choose an Instructor?

Above all, your instructor should participate in competitions or have a history of combat experience. Therefore, it is imperative to learn from someone with actual fighting experiences. Does your coach train with you?? You can’t improve at a dramatic rate if you don’t train with higher ranks. There are many IMPOSTERS who preach what they don’t practice. If you are still learning karate chops, it’s time to move on. Finally, a great dojo will encourage you to train at multiple locations to attain as much knowledge as possible!

“No coach has all the answers. Staying true to your home base is key.”

Attending open mats at other dojos is the best way to test your skills without paying for tournaments. If your dojo forbids you to train elsewhere, it’s time to go!!

In conclusion, bring your skills to Dream Martial Arts and Fitness and rise to every challenge offered. We give you correction from inaccurate teachings to build a foundation that will prepare you for an actual attack. It’s time to take your safety to the next level and have fun doing it. Learn with Jeff Martin and see the difference! Happy training.

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